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At Your Fingertips

Find concrete steps to support the causes that matter to you, and add more actions for others to easily follow! HashAction presents them all grouped by hashtag in a single list. In moments, send multiple emails, invite others to do the same, and place a call to a policy maker with messaging guidance.

Add your own

Weather it's voting for president or the weekly poker night, make sure that everyone has the notice. When you publish your cross-platform hashlink, your will touch your audience and they will touch back. Tell them what to say on the phone, what to write in the email, and where to be, all with the power of one-click engagement.

Share on All Channels

When you share a HashAction, users dont need to already have the app. HashAction's web interface handles the link and serves up the appropriate phone call, email, or calendar notice to any device on any platform. If you want your coworker on email, your sister on facebook, your followers on twitter, and your school friends on group text to all go to the same party or call the same senator, HashAction has you covered.

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